Before & After | Jan 10, 2019

Before & After: Napa Farmhouse Pt. II

Let’s take a peek at the sweetest Little Girl’s Bedroom, Nursery, Kids’ Bath, Master Bedroom and Master Bath, as well as the Laundry Room. Every room here was given lots of love and attention to detail, each with their own signature look. It’s such a treat when Clients want to have fun with each space, and welcome going with bold design decisions!

Come see what we dreamed up together…

Girl’s Bedroom

We transformed this bedroom into one little girl’s dream space! A black & white teepee and darling toddler spindle bed provided a monochromatic palette for us to juxtapose pops of color, and a bright, green palm wallcovering! The pineapple print was painted by our Client for her daughter’s first birthday, so it was only fitting to make sure it was proudly on display! We layered tropical-inspired prints packed with color for a fun gallery wall, guaranteeing sweet slumbers in this happy little room!


After opting for lots of color in their little girl’s room, we decidedly ran with a more neutral palette in the Nursery, providing a calming space focused on lots of layered textures. The cutest black & white prints hang above the crib, a round Moroccan rug helped anchor the unique shape of the room, and a dreamy wall hanging sits above a comfy slipcovered rocker for a more tailored finish.

Girl’s Bath

Stepping into this all-time favorite and beloved Little Girls’ Bath gives us all the Farmhouse vibes! By giving this space a complete overhaul and removing the existing vanity, toilet and shower to open up the layout, it made way for a freestanding clawfoot tub to act as the focal point of the updated bath. And when we couldn’t find the perfect brass leg finish for the tub feet, our Client refinished them herself! How great is that? She’s the absolute best.

Keeping a simple and timeless design, we opted for full subway tile walls paired with contrasting grout, and floral patterned tile flooring for a subtle, feminine touch. To juxtapose the clean lines of the tile materials and add a bit of funk, we incorporated a reclaimed wood vanity and contrasting black plumbing fixtures throughout.

As their little ones grow older, a custom ceiling-mounted shower curtain rod can be added. In the meantime, it’s just about the sweetest bath we ever did see!

Master Bedroom

In the Master Bedroom, we extended the neutral palette with crisp white bedding and a soft oatmeal linen upholstered headboard. Adjacent to each side of the bed sits simple wood nightstands with contrasting iron wall sconces. For a touch of color, we added blue-hued pillows in a mix of vintage patterns, with custom artwork above the bed.

Master Bath

The Master Bath is a timeless beauty, equal parts chic and gorg, and incredibly family-friendly all the while. We removed the dated vanity and shower, and went with head-to-toe carrara marble tile to outfit the new space. Being that this is a Master Bath, we wanted to elevate the design a bit so we selected a 3×6 marble tile for the walls, and a patterned arabesque marble tile for the shower niche and flooring. The louvered-style His & Hers oak-stained vanity is a piece we love that will never tire with its classic charm!

The original Napa Valley-inspired paintings, also painted by our Client, sit beautifully perched in this sun-drenched space. We couldn’t get over her beautiful landscape paintings, and tried to use them throughout the house wherever they fit best!

One day, I hope to commission a piece of my very own from such a talent of a friend and Client. Her paintings are just that special!

Laundry Room

The final space to share in our Napa project, and possibly one of our favorite spots… the Laundry!

Laundry Rooms can often be neglected and regarded as less than budget-worthy of updating properly during a remodel. Thankfully, we all knew this room was equally as much of a priority as all the others, and therefore, special thought and attention were given to make it bright and happy. After all, it’s a space that’s used everyday, so why not make it the best!

We started from scratch by removing the old floral striped wallpaper, utility sink and cabinetry. We opted for clean white walls, a simple white subway tile backsplash, and a little pop of color with the light blue-grey cabinetry. Sweet penny rounds on the floor and a natural butcher block countertop have us happy as spring chickens over here with the new look!

Thanks so much for tagging along for this behind-the-scenes look back at our Napa Farmhouse project. As much as we love getting to share the final product, we’re equally as smitten with the process by which we are able to debut such beautiful homes, which often start out with big plans and big dreams to make them into the wonderful homes you come to know and see!

More Before & Afters to come from a few of our other recently completed projects. Stay tuned!