Design | May 18, 2020

Where to Buy Vintage-Inspired Rugs

There’s just something about a vintage rug that always gets extra attention in a beautifully curated space. The intricate designs, faded-to-perfection hues, and quality all seem to be unmatched and perfectly unique. And here at MGD, we often get asked where we buy our beautiful vintage rugs, along with where we like to source lookalikes for a more affordable solution.

Vintage rugs offer underfoot beauty and work best in spaces with optimal views—as a kitchen runner or as a statement piece in a living room, these are just a few of the places we love including them. And the second best part about using them in high-traffic areas like those above, aside from their overall appeal? We’ve found that both their patterns and palettes have the ability to hide those accidental stains that inevitably happen. Talk about an added bonus!

Though the best part about vintage rugs are that they’re truly that—vintage and one-of-a-kind—there are still a bunch of great vintage-inspired options that give you the same look without having to scour vintage markets & vendors, and forgo the higher dollar price points. Truth to be told, some clients love them, while others want something new that acts as a similar statement piece. So we’re constantly on the hunt for the best of both worlds!

Scroll below to see a few of our fave vintage-inspired rugs, at a range of prices! If you’ve been wanting to try this look & feel, these are the perfect place to start!

Balboa Island Cottage Family Room Remodel Image
MGD x Balboa Island

Vintage Rug Shopping Tips…

Shopping for rugs virtually can be tricky. Follow a few of our tested tips to ensure you get a beauty that’s perfect for your space!

• Look for small details that make the rug looks more unique— tassels, woven edges, etc.

• The more worn, faded of a look, the better! We are going for a vintage look, after all!

• We love a variety of shapes within the design, as opposed to heavy, ornate options that lean a bit more traditional. Unique designs keep the vintage look fresh, updated, and (do we dare say) timeless.

• Seek out a variety of color! For more of a monochromatic, Cali vibe (totally our style!), lean lighter. For moodier options perfect in the study, mudroom, or master suite, opt for darker hues.

• We tend to avoid anything that evidently appears as if the vintage design is printed on the carpet. While this tends to be one of the more inexpensive options out there, the quality typically reflects the price. Look for wool blends, instead of anything printed on cotton.

Shop a Few Faves (all priced at 8×10 size)

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Vanessa Lentine | Lane Dittoe