Lifestyle | Feb 24, 2020

18 Sustainable Products We’re Switching To

Jumping in here with a round-up that hits near and dear to the our hearts… sustainability. While we still have of a lot to learn, we’re making small moves that are not only helping to decrease our footprint, but are also improving our day-to-day lives in a meaningful way. Scroll through each category and learn about how we’re making a few easy swaps to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle that might also resonate with you if you’re looking to do the same. It all starts with small changes, and this is where we’ve found ourselves making easy swaps, which also happen to be beautifully designed products that do good. Hope you all enjoy!


Farmers’ Market Bag / One of our favorite bags for Farmers’ Markets!
Bag Starter Kit / Perfect to help eliminate those grocery store bags.
Market Bag / Love this for market runs or picnics… plus there’s a spot for wine.


Travel Utensil Kit / We’ve been bringing these to work!
Stasher Bags / Perfect for all the snacks.
Food Containers Small + Large / These are enamel so you can reheat over the stove!
Bee’s Wax Wrap / For use instead of plastic wrap.
Metal Straws Pack / No more paper straws!
Travel Tumbler / Our tried and true coffee mug.


Soap Dish / Perfect for the kitchen with a soap cube.
Bamboo Pot + Dish Brush / Helps eliminate plastic scrubbers.
Soap Cube / No plastic packaging, plus it’s cute on display and lathers perfectly with a dish brush (above).
Kitchen Towels / Instead of paper towels on the regular, buy these in bulk and reuse every week!
Dryer Balls / Instead of dryer sheets and so much better! I’ve been using these for the last few years.
Glass Spray Bottle / Fill with vinegar and use as all purpose cleaner.


Soap Dispenser / Buy soap in bulk and use these in your bathrooms and throughout the home.
Reusable Makeup Remover Pads / Use instead of disposable cotton rounds, and they come with a laundry bag you can wash them in each week.
Bamboo Toothbrush / While we’re at it, let’s cut out our plastic toothbrush too!