Design | Sep 02, 2020

Beach Day Essentials

We’ll let you in on a little California secret: the best beach months actually fall a little later in the year, around September and October. The air is slightly less muggy, the beaches are less crowded — it’s an all-around locals paradise. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that we will be packing our beach bags many times this fall, and so we wanted to share a few of our fave essentials when doing so. Scroll on down to shop!


1 / Trust us — this will be the most beautiful umbrella on the beach.
2 / The comfiest Turkish Towel you will ever try!
3 / These chairs are perfect for sinking into a good read or nap.

4 / Make your best beach playlist and bring this wireless, battery-powered speaker for all kinds of fun.
5 / It’s not a beach day without an oversized tote to store all of those miscellaneous must-haves.
6 / This teak paddle board set is bound to be the source of all kinds of fun.

7 / We’ll never stop sharing our praises for Supergoop sunscreen. It applies SO easily!
8 / This family-friendly wagon makes hauling everything a bit more easy.
9 / These vibrant bags make it easy to organize your snacks, sunscreens, and more.

10 / We’ve never met a visor that we have loved as much as this one.
11 / This cooler will hold every last one of your drinks (and keep them cold all day long!)
12 / We’re all about a neutral one-piece with fun subtle details.

13 / This book is the perfect beach read: it’s equal parts romance and thriller. It will have you turning the pages as fast as you can!
14 / Protect your hair from the sun, sand, and water with this beach spray.
15 / Because there’s nothing better than floating in the water for hours on end.