Lifestyle | Oct 09, 2020

Friday Faves Vol. 5


It’s around this time of year that we start to crave more hearty, warm dishes… this cookbook by Yasmin Fahr has recipes for just that. Plus, bonus points —  all of her food can be made in one pot! There’s no doubt we’ll be working our way through this book this fall.


Even though peak tomato season is over, do yourself a favor and try out this simmered tomato and feta dish from Bon Appétit. Not only does it make the most vibrant plate ever, but it’s both healthy and delish.


We’ll listen any day and all day to all-things-Brené, and this podcast episode is no exception. In it, she interviews Reverend Michael Curry on hope and love (which we could all hear more about during a year like this one.)


If you’re wanting to escape out to the sea, look no further than Bay Point Landing. Located on the Oregon Coast (which is arguably one of the most beautiful parts of the country!) — this cluster of cabins, airstreams, and RV sites is the dreamiest of retreats.


One of our favorite fall purchases lately is this tote insert from Cuyana. It comes in both small and large and is the perfect companion to organize any bag. We’re obsessed!