Inspired By | Jun 09, 2020

Sending You Some Love Through Art – Pt. 2

In light of the current movement making waves around the country and our world at large, we’ve taken a lot of time to pause and really listen to those speaking up and acting with love and solidarity and bravery. But more importantly, we’ve learned that aside from listening, our aim is to truly UNDERSTAND the hearts of those speaking loudly with courageous stories to tell and lives to witness. Our history in the U.S. is rocky and spotty and filled with generations of people who, quite frankly, have been treated (and continue to be treated) like anything less than equals and human beings deserving of every opportunity, respect, love and every other thing out there that so many of us are handed at a young age because of the color of our skin. That harsh reality has brought me to tears a lot lately, because it just doesn’t add up and can’t stay this way. It’s both overwhelming and incredible that we all get to be part of something so much bigger right now; that history can start to turn itself around, and that we get to do it together. It takes everyone, and it’s an honor to get to play our part, every single day.

As we continue to work to curate a space online here that’s dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place for every single person, united through our communities of design, we always aim to be all-inclusive in the products and content we choose to feature, and we want to do more to further celebrate a diverse community of creators who all around us. Even if the topic of race is rarely displayed in our content, we genuinely believe that creating a safe space within your home can be the foundation of change. Change starts from within, and we all have the opportunity to be the change and make changes, no matter how small they may feel. Sometimes, I think, we just need to be reminded.

To celebrate the beauty of art and diversity, we’ve curated a round-up of art we’ve been inspired by. Art is a powerful medium and has the ability to show a perspective apart from our own. We hope to fill our spaces with such beauty and to push for diversity, through both our perspectives and through our spaces at home and at work. Beautiful art is beautiful art. We hope to encourage you to lean in and fill your homes with such beauty, and support the makers who shine here.