Design | Jul 17, 2020

A Perfect Pair: Nightstand & Sconce Combinations

It’s no surprise that being well-rested is at the top of our lists these days. And while there are many ways to achieve a full night’s sleep, there’s nothing quite like settling down for the night in a well-designed room.

Although there are many elements that comprise a bedroom, nightstands and lighting anchor the space like little else can. Picking a combination of the two that feels just right can make the whole room come to life.

If the idea of electrical sconces feels daunting to you, no need to fret: one of our favorite interior hacks as of late is to add a puck light inside of the sconce so that no wiring is needed. (A step-by-step tutorial on how to do this can be found on designer Rashida Bank’s Instagram stories series.)

So, if you’re looking to refresh your space into the bedroom of your dreams, we’ve outlined a few of our favorite nightstand and sconce pairings to give you a head start. Scroll on down, take a peek, and find your favorite combo!

Pair #1

Pair #2

Pair #3

Pair #4

Pair #5

Pair #6

Pair #7

Pair #8

Pair #9

Pair #10

Pair #11

Pair #12